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Geris Ltd. is a company built on the principles of dedication and passion since 1994. What started as a small family business, focused mainly on wholesale and retail trade, has grown into a dynamic enterprise, driven by a desire to provide excellence for every customer!

Always looking for progress!

As our desire for progress developed, we recognized the potential to offer an even wider variety of products, mainly focused on the hygiene sector. That's why we expanded our product range to include the import and distribution of well-known global brands. 


Our mission was and continues to be clear: To provide added value to local consumers by providing access to high quality products from around the world. Today we can proudly say that GERIS shpk. is the official distributor of some of the biggest brands of consumer products in Albania.


 2013, the beginning of a
long journey!

Driven by growing market demand, we embarked on a transformative journey that would shape our future: we invested in a giant factory & modern dedicated to the processing of cellulose and the production of its derivatives - becoming the first company of this type in Albania. This was just the beginning of a long journey, focused 100% on quality, on customer experience, and on the constant desire to offer the best!

Factory with modern technology

GERIS sh.p.k. with a giant factory with the latest technology for the production of 100% cellulose paper. The first and most advanced of its kind in Albania and the region, located at km. 20 of the Tirana-Durres Highway. With an area of 10,000 m², which includes the processing plant, administration building and logistics center. This organization enables efficient operations and ensures seamless coordination in our processes.

To further improve operations and quality of service, we have a dedicated distribution center positioned at km. 2 of the Tirana-Durres highway, with a total area of 5,500 m². This center enables maximum efficiency in our distribution network, allowing us to serve our customers with the quality they deserve!









Contact us for any questions you may have

to have!

+355 (0)52 219 440

Tirana-Durres highway, KM.20 Koxhas Xhafzotaj

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